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Why I’ll Never Go Back to the Office

by admin

You must have probably heard about various benefits of working from home – right from being able to work in your PJs to all the money you save on gas. Is it lucrative? Undoubtedly attractive, but working from home has a lot more to offer you than you have thought about.

Here are a few ways how relaxation from daily office routine and working from home makes you feel blessed:

No Office, No Stress

There are significant advantages, besides the obvious, to a lifestyle that doesn’t involve the office. The myriad small stresses of being in an office slowly start making their absence felt. That gossipy co-worker who asks you for help only to keep chatting for the next half-an-hour is no longer a worry and distraction. No longer do you have to deal with office politics that take on the tone of a Hillary vs. Trump. You can get as many cups of coffee as you want without having to be bothered about the disapproving gaze of your manager.

Commute Less, Live More

There are other reasons, apart from the financial savings, that 44% of Forbes’ survey respondents listed not having to commute as a major benefit. You no longer arrive at work in a bad mood because of the stress of sitting in traffic for one or two hours, snarl at everyone and mess up your work. The time you save can be given over to the fitness program you have wanted to try out, the hobby classes you are interested in or even simply taking care of chores around the house. That also means that your weekend is free of the chaos that normally accompanies a life in which commute is king.

Your Schedule is Your Own

The quality of your work and your productivity may actually increase once you start working from home. A lot of work-from-home jobs come with a flexible schedule so you can set your own deadlines and work at a time that is convenient for you. For example, I’m not a morning person and getting up at the crack of dawn was wearing me out. Once I started working from home I could sleep in, and being a night owl, I had no problems working late in the night to complete my projects. It also means that you can schedule your time with friends, family and pets without having to worry about working late or getting stuck in traffic or even missing out on important events. As a bonus, household appointments, such as the pesky repairman who always shows up late, can be scheduled during a weekday without you having to take leave from work. You can decide which days you want off and plan that vacation to Hawaii well in advance.

Not every job allows you the freedom to work from home, but if you are seriously contemplating a change in lifestyle that allows you more time with your loved ones and less stress, you should at least consider the option.

I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the changes you see in your life.


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