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The Breakup Body Goals Workout

by admin

The ultimate strength training workout (you’re not doing).

Are you looking to build lean muscle mass and cardiovascular endurance with optimal results? Then this is the workout for you.

We consulted with the New York Sports Club on this breakup body goals workout, inspired by their new FlexSystem program (which you can now take for FREE from 10/10/2016 until 10/31/2016).

Here are the trainning stations:

Warm up: “We Need To Talk” (3-5 minutes)

  • Reps: 15
  • Sets: 3 rotations

Full body burn workout: “The Sting” (15 minutes)

  • Reps: 60 seconds
  • Sets: 3 rotations

Cool down: “Cuffing Season”

  • Stretches are static and slow moving. Hold stretches for however long you see fit.


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