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Don’t Have Money to Invest to Build Wealth? Invest Your Time.

by admin
How to invest time instead of money to earn passive income If you are like most folks you know that investing is a great way to build wealth. However most assume it takes being rich to get richer. But there is another way. It’s what bootstrap entrepreneurs with no start-up capital do to get ahead. Sweat Equity and Perspiration Profit Have you ever heard about sweat equity? Sweat equity is the contribution we make to a project through our own effort, as opposed to buying a share with our money. Sweat equity could also be the value we add to [...]

3 Things You Need Before Start Working for Yourself

by admin
There are so many different reasons to start working for yourself, and not everyone’s is exactly the same, but broadly, these reasons fall into three categories: First, people who want to earn extra income on top of their regular jobs; second, people who are unemployed and are either struggling to find full-time work or prefer not to enter the job market; and third, people who have chosen to leave whatever full-time job they have and be self-employed instead. Whichever of these three categories you fall into, there are three things you will need before you get started to make sure [...]

The Boredom-Busting Cardio-Machine Workout

by admin
If you’re bored with your workout, you’re less likely to stick with it. This 30-minute cardio routine promises to keep you engaged by utilizing three different pieces of equipment, creating a fun, challenging sweat session that torches serious calories! The workout consists of three segments: You’ll start on the stepmill, kicking things off with five minutes of warm-up and five minutes of intervals. Next up? The elliptical, where you’ll complete high-intensity intervals based on the 10-20-30 training protocol developed by researchers at the University of Copenhagen. Finally, you’ll make your way to the treadmill for pyramid-style training, in which the [...]

A Shake-Your-Booty Playlist For Your Next High-Energy Workout

by admin
We bring you 20 songs that will take your sweat session to another level. "I would use this playlist for Spartan Ripped (our most popular class), Spartan Circuit or Spartan SGX Race Training classes," Christianne says. "We hold the classes right in the middle of the gym and it really sets a strong and uplifting vibe with the energy of the music, the participants and the instructor meshing together. People who aren’t even participating in the class are often motivated and inspired by watching or just being near the classes." "Music is such a crucial part of these classes, really [...]