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The Importance of First Email Message Your Subscriber Receives From You

by admin
Email marketing is a must! This is nothing new and I'm sure you have heard this 15 times already today... The issue that faces most new email marketers is knowing WHAT to send first to their lists.... Am I being too direct? Does this sound like a sales pitch? What if people unsubscribe? Great questions and that's why we put together this simple guide that discusses exactly WHAT kind of email you send first and why it's so important to start of on the right foot. In this article we will talk about Indoctrination… But first, let’s be brutally honest, how [...]

Quick Cheat Sheet On How To White List Emails

by admin
Getting through spam filters is tough these days. And rightfully so, the amount of unwanted emails that flood into your inbox is overwhelming to say the least. However what happens when you actually want to receive the emails but your email provider and host filters them into the spam folder? Not to worry, here is a quick ‘cheat sheet’ on how to white list your emails and make sure you get them delivered to your inbox! Step 1 – Make sure you add the email address you are expecting to receive the emails from, to your list of contacts. This helps your provider [...]

Content Marketing: Three Success Stories

  Recently we have been sharing information about content marketing and how it can be a powerful way for you to accomplish your goals online. People’s ultimate goals vary from one person to another, and it’s important to know what YOUR specific goals are. You see, content marketing can have many faces. Some people just want to share information that helps others online. That’s their passion. Some people want to make a side income online with content marketing. To work a few hours one day a week and then make some extra cash. Yet others want to get rid of [...]

Why Long Tail Keywords Are Better For Your Blog

by admin
Long tail keywords are definitely a better strategy to start with on your blog. The difference between a long tail keyword and a short tail one is that the second is probably a “generic” keyword. Of course there are some advantages on using generic keywords to bring traffic to your blog, but usually, it’s an inefficient battle you won’t win. The reality is that with such a saturated market you need to work smart. Just think about the following example: Apple is making its road to a high-end consumer level instead of fighting on the low end. They only produce [...]

How To Choose An Affiliate Program

There are a thousand ways to make money on the Internet. And for every one of those ways, there are at least ten more ways to waste your time and money! One of the best ways to make money online is to join an affiliate program. It’s how many people start online. But the question often arises — which affiliate program should I join? It’s a great question. The right affiliate program can make you a lot of money. The wrong affiliate program will waste both your time and money. Over the years I have discovered five things that will [...]

How to Make Money With Content Marketing

Many people are confused about how to actually make money with content marketing. They get what content marketing is. Content marketing really comes down to three things. Providing helpful content, and we will talk in just a moment about what that really means. Serving a specific niche. Building trust with the people in that niche. It’s providing helpful information to people on a blog or a website for free, so that people can get to know them, trust them and like them. They get that these people will join their list and buy from them. But they still have one very important [...]

Is Niche Marketing Right For You?

If you’ve been online for more than 15 minutes you have probably heard about “niche” marketing. "You HAVE to be involved in niche marketing", they say, to make the really big money. But the people who talk loudly about how their product will help you succeed with niche marketing often overlook one simple, but powerful, question. What IS niche marketing and how is it done? Niche marketing simply means targeting your marketing to a specific group of people who have a common need.   That might be people who like genealogy. It might be people who like to play tennis. [...]