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The Importance of First Email Message Your Subscriber Receives From You

by admin
Email marketing is a must! This is nothing new and I'm sure you have heard this 15 times already today... The issue that faces most new email marketers is knowing WHAT to send first to their lists.... Am I being too direct? Does this sound like a sales pitch? What if people unsubscribe? Great questions and that's why we put together this simple guide that discusses exactly WHAT kind of email you send first and why it's so important to start of on the right foot. In this article we will talk about Indoctrination… But first, let’s be brutally honest, how [...]

Quick Cheat Sheet On How To White List Emails

by admin
Getting through spam filters is tough these days. And rightfully so, the amount of unwanted emails that flood into your inbox is overwhelming to say the least. However what happens when you actually want to receive the emails but your email provider and host filters them into the spam folder? Not to worry, here is a quick ‘cheat sheet’ on how to white list your emails and make sure you get them delivered to your inbox! Step 1 – Make sure you add the email address you are expecting to receive the emails from, to your list of contacts. This helps your provider [...]