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Content Marketing: Three Success Stories

  Recently we have been sharing information about content marketing and how it can be a powerful way for you to accomplish your goals online. People’s ultimate goals vary from one person to another, and it’s important to know what YOUR specific goals are. You see, content marketing can have many faces. Some people just want to share information that helps others online. That’s their passion. Some people want to make a side income online with content marketing. To work a few hours one day a week and then make some extra cash. Yet others want to get rid of [...]

How to Make Money With Content Marketing

Many people are confused about how to actually make money with content marketing. They get what content marketing is. Content marketing really comes down to three things. Providing helpful content, and we will talk in just a moment about what that really means. Serving a specific niche. Building trust with the people in that niche. It’s providing helpful information to people on a blog or a website for free, so that people can get to know them, trust them and like them. They get that these people will join their list and buy from them. But they still have one very important [...]