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What is The Smartest Way to Start a Business? Copy What Already Works!

When I was still working for other people in an eight to five job, all I knew of owning a business was what I read on news sites after work. The space seemed to be reserved for people who were already wealthy: People who could easily afford the costs of starting a business from scratch. I believed I was stuck with working for other people forever, as I did not have the necessary capital. My only hope appeared to be to knuckle down, make my employer rich, and hope to retire with a pension.I would still be in that space [...]

How To Choose An Affiliate Program

There are a thousand ways to make money on the Internet. And for every one of those ways, there are at least ten more ways to waste your time and money! One of the best ways to make money online is to join an affiliate program. It’s how many people start online. But the question often arises — which affiliate program should I join? It’s a great question. The right affiliate program can make you a lot of money. The wrong affiliate program will waste both your time and money. Over the years I have discovered five things that will [...]