How To Achieve Success With The APPLE System

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After over 10 years doing business online and working with hundreds of members and customers  I’m often asked “what does it really take to succeed online?” In my opinion there are five things you MUST have to succeed online. And by succeed I don’t mean “make $5000 this week with no experience” or some other silly claim. If you have been around very long you know that the hyped up stuff just does not work. What I DO mean is the ability to sell products and make a full time income (or better) using the Internet. And I DO mean [...]

Don’t Have Money to Invest to Build Wealth? Invest Your Time.

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How to invest time instead of money to earn passive income If you are like most folks you know that investing is a great way to build wealth. However most assume it takes being rich to get richer. But there is another way. It’s what bootstrap entrepreneurs with no start-up capital do to get ahead. Sweat Equity and Perspiration Profit Have you ever heard about sweat equity? Sweat equity is the contribution we make to a project through our own effort, as opposed to buying a share with our money. Sweat equity could also be the value we add to [...]

3 Things You Need Before Start Working for Yourself

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There are so many different reasons to start working for yourself, and not everyone’s is exactly the same, but broadly, these reasons fall into three categories: First, people who want to earn extra income on top of their regular jobs; second, people who are unemployed and are either struggling to find full-time work or prefer not to enter the job market; and third, people who have chosen to leave whatever full-time job they have and be self-employed instead. Whichever of these three categories you fall into, there are three things you will need before you get started to make sure [...]

What is The Smartest Way to Start a Business? Copy What Already Works!

When I was still working for other people in an eight to five job, all I knew of owning a business was what I read on news sites after work. The space seemed to be reserved for people who were already wealthy: People who could easily afford the costs of starting a business from scratch. I believed I was stuck with working for other people forever, as I did not have the necessary capital. My only hope appeared to be to knuckle down, make my employer rich, and hope to retire with a pension.I would still be in that space [...]

How To Take Advantage of Leverage to Earn More Money With The Same Effort

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Show me anybody with a serious income and I will show you that they have people working for them to achieve it. They get leverage from their efforts by earning a piece from the effort of others. If we have a number of people working for us, this can add up quickly. There are two types of people working on the planet. Firstly, there are the employers, and secondly the people working for them. Employers leverage the effort of others. Workers work very hard but have a limit to what they earn because there is a limit to the number [...]

Why I’ll Never Go Back to the Office

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You must have probably heard about various benefits of working from home – right from being able to work in your PJs to all the money you save on gas. Is it lucrative? Undoubtedly attractive, but working from home has a lot more to offer you than you have thought about. Here are a few ways how relaxation from daily office routine and working from home makes you feel blessed: No Office, No Stress There are significant advantages, besides the obvious, to a lifestyle that doesn’t involve the office. The myriad small stresses of being in an office slowly start [...]

The Importance of First Email Message Your Subscriber Receives From You

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Email marketing is a must! This is nothing new and I'm sure you have heard this 15 times already today... The issue that faces most new email marketers is knowing WHAT to send first to their lists.... Am I being too direct? Does this sound like a sales pitch? What if people unsubscribe? Great questions and that's why we put together this simple guide that discusses exactly WHAT kind of email you send first and why it's so important to start of on the right foot. In this article we will talk about Indoctrination… But first, let’s be brutally honest, how [...]

Quick Cheat Sheet On How To White List Emails

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Getting through spam filters is tough these days. And rightfully so, the amount of unwanted emails that flood into your inbox is overwhelming to say the least. However what happens when you actually want to receive the emails but your email provider and host filters them into the spam folder? Not to worry, here is a quick ‘cheat sheet’ on how to white list your emails and make sure you get them delivered to your inbox! Step 1 – Make sure you add the email address you are expecting to receive the emails from, to your list of contacts. This helps your provider [...]

Content Marketing: Three Success Stories

  Recently we have been sharing information about content marketing and how it can be a powerful way for you to accomplish your goals online. People’s ultimate goals vary from one person to another, and it’s important to know what YOUR specific goals are. You see, content marketing can have many faces. Some people just want to share information that helps others online. That’s their passion. Some people want to make a side income online with content marketing. To work a few hours one day a week and then make some extra cash. Yet others want to get rid of [...]

Why Long Tail Keywords Are Better For Your Blog

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Long tail keywords are definitely a better strategy to start with on your blog. The difference between a long tail keyword and a short tail one is that the second is probably a “generic” keyword. Of course there are some advantages on using generic keywords to bring traffic to your blog, but usually, it’s an inefficient battle you won’t win. The reality is that with such a saturated market you need to work smart. Just think about the following example: Apple is making its road to a high-end consumer level instead of fighting on the low end. They only produce [...]